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Exploring the Magic of Hokkaido with Fernet Hunter

March 15, 20243 min read


Discovering Hokkaido's Culinary Wonderland

Hunter Flip cocktail using Fernet Hunter BC, Kuromitsu Black Sugar, Egg

In the breathtaking snow-covered island of Hokkaido, Fernet Hunter finds a special place, igniting a creativity like no other. This mystical land has forever held a unique spot in our hearts and minds, infusing our spirits with a profound sense of wonder.

Unveiling Club Mandala Niseko

Sake Samurai, Elliot Faber

Joining forces with Club Mandala Niseko and the illustrious Elliot Faber, we embark on an extraordinary journey through Hokkaido's culinary wonderland. Club Mandala Niseko, a beacon of innovation in the world of private member's clubs, shatters conventions and blazes a trail of audacity. Last year, the club unveiled its remarkable Mandala Masters series, where culinary luminaries from around the globe take center stage in their ground floor restaurant. Club Mandala Niseko is strategically located in Niseko Village. The club is easily accessible, whether you choose to arrive by shuttle, ski-in ski-out via the Niseko Village Ski Resort Trail, or dedicated shuttle transfer.

Crafted Libations: A Tribute to Hokkaido's Wonders

For this exciting occasion, Fernet Hunter has meticulously crafted a selection of libations that pay homage to the prolific wonders of Hokkaido. Drawing inspiration from the region's bountiful offerings, we've harnessed the essence of Hokkaido's prized apples, the local Niseko Shuzu Sake, and the recently unleashed Ohoro Gin from the esteemed Niseko distillery. The result is a symphony of flavors, a liquid masterpiece that captures the very essence of this captivating wonderland.

Original Fernet Hunter Cocktails

Prepare to be spellbound as we present our meticulously made original cocktails, with the collaboration with Mandala Club Niseko and Fernet Hunter, each one a testament to the craftsmanship and detail that fuels Fernet Hunter:

Original Fernet Cocktail
  • Sesame Sour: Fernet Hunter Cacao, Black and White Sesame, Lemon

  • Mandarin Martini: Fernet Hunter Yotei, Mandarin, Ohoro Gin

  • Ringo Star: Fernet Hunter Granit, Hokkaido Cloudy Apple, Raisin Honey, Black Pepper Soda

  • Introducing The Hunter White Negroni: Fernet Hunter Yotei, KI NO BI Gin, Mancino Vermouth

  • Fritzi's Sunset: Fernet Hunter, Chivas Mizunara Aged Whisky, Sweet Vermouth, Cynar

  • Hunter Flip: Fernet Hunter BC, Kuromitsu Black Sugar, Egg

More Fernet Cocktails here.

Embracing Hokkaido's Magic

As we come together to celebrate the spirit of Fernet Hunter, the ethereal snowscape, and the camaraderie that unites us, let each sip be a testament to the boundless magic of Hokkaido. These libations, crafted with unwavering dedication, are an invitation to immerse yourself in the alchemy of flavors that define our craft.

Fernet Hunter's Importer for Japan:

Beyond Coffee Roasters

Beyond Coffee Roasters shop

Beyond Coffee Roasters- where the love for coffee and the pursuit of exceptional flavors come together. Founded by passionate coffee enthusiasts, this unique coffee company has embarked on a remarkable journey, exploring coffee cultures around the world and bringing their discoveries to the heart of Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Join us as we delve into the story of Beyond Coffee Roasters and the extraordinary experiences they offer.

More Than Just Coffee

Beyond Coffee Roasters is not only dedicated to the art of coffee roasting but also embraces other beverage delights. In 2022, they began importing and selling alcoholic beverages as an import agent for Fernet Hunter and Sake. This expansion showcases their commitment to providing a diverse and enriching experience for their customers. Click here for their online shop.

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